Wine is one of life’s essential pleasures, an experience that connects us all with the earth, with one another and with the timeless human experience. In an era of mass production, Cabaud Wines are an intentional anomaly, created in tune with the rhythms of nature, telling a story with every taste.

Pursuit of Perfection

When it comes to making wine, nature actually has a pretty nice system in place, with the cycles of growth, ripening and fermentation working miracles since the beginning of time. We don’t necessarily blame those wine makers who manipulate the natural processes in pursuit of predictability, but we’re pursuing something more elemental. We intentionally interfere as little as possible with nature’s process in pursuit of a pure expression of the grapes.

True Expression of the Fruit

Our grapes follow their own schedule, not ours. Shaped by the unique soil and weather in St. Helena, carefully tended by the skilled hands of the best growers, and harvested at the instant of peak readiness, our grapes set us apart. We ferment them using their own natural yeast, we time their harvest to manage their acidity and alcohol level and we age them in barrels especially chosen to compliment their unique character.

In the end, we’re willing to follow our hand-picked fruit on its journey, offering minimal intervention as it leads us to a truly memorable tasting experience.