By working with independent producers instead of estate vineyards, we are able to select from the best grapes grown anywhere. From the unique mineral notes of grapes grown in the volcanic soil at the base of Glass Mountain and the full flavor of berries slowly ripened in the shaded environs of the Valley floor to the longer finish of cabernet fruit emboldened by Oakville’s full-day sun exposure, our flavors tell the complex story of a viticultural region unlike any other.

Given the varying characteristics of terrain and proximity to the ocean, the soil and growing conditions vary to an amazing degree, even within an individual vineyard. That is why we work so closely with each vineyard site to select the perfect grape for each use.

For example, our sauvignon blanc is a blend of two Semillon and four sauvignon blanc varietals from a total of four different vineyards with vines ranging from five to 75 year old. The result is a blend of notes and elements that make each taste of this complex, deep white wine an experience unto itself.

We chose a St. Helena vineyard site to lead our cabernet project because it offered the rich depth of converging appelations including Howell, Spring, Rutherford and Glass Mountain. The small footprint of the vineyard, however, yields a very distinct yet consistent, red-fruit-driven character appropriate for this wine in the Old World style.

Grapes grown in the light, gravely loam of Beckstoffer’s Missouri Hopper Vineyard give our wine its broad shoulders and components of black and blue fruit. Its longer finish and rounder mouthfeel are the perfect New World complement to the Old World style of our Mon Homage.

In the end, every grape selected for engagement in our process is tended to our exacting standards throughout its lifespan, yielding an experience unlike anything you’ve likely experienced before. Ultimately, our loving care translates into a shared moment with you and your friends, creating memories that will last a lifetime.